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TFGrid is compatible with Kubernetes Technology.

Each eVDC as shown above is a full blown Kubernetes deployment.

Unique for our Kubernetes implementation

  • The Kubernetes networks are on top of our ZNet technology which means all traffic between containers and kubernetes hosts is end2end encrypted independent of where your Kubernetes nodes are deployed.
  • You can mount a QSFS underneath a Kubernetes Node (VM), which means that you can deploy containers on top of QSFS to host unlimited amounts of storage in a super safe way.
  • You Kubernetes environment is for sure 100% decentralized, you define where you want to deploy your Kubernetes nodes and only you have access to the deployed workloads on the TFGrid.


  • integration with znet (efficient, secure encrypted network between the zmachines)
  • can be easily deployed at the edge
  • single-tenant!

ZMachine Benefits

  • ZOS Protect: no hacking surface to the Zero-Nodes, integrate silicon route of trust


Last change: 2024-02-27