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We show how to set up grid proxy.

Install Golang

To install Golang, you can follow the official guide.


Docker is useful for running the TFGridDb in container environment. Read this to install Docker engine.

Note: it will be necessary to follow step #2 in the previous article to run docker without sudo. if you want to avoid that. edit the docker commands in the Makefile and add sudo.


If you have docker installed you can run postgres on a container with:

make db-start

Then you can either load a dump of the database if you have one:

make db-dump p=~/dump.sql

or easier you can fill the database tables with randomly generated data with the script tools/db/generate.go to do that run:

make db-fill

Get Mnemonics

  1. Install polkadot extension on your browser.
  2. Create a new account from the extension. It is important to save the seeds.
Last change: 2024-02-27