Set Additional Fees

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Farmers can set additional fees for their 3Nodes on the TF Dashboard. By doing so, users will then be able to reserve the 3Node and use it as a dedicated node. This can be useful for farmers who provide additional values to their 3Nodes, e.g. a GPU card and/or high-quality hardware.


Here are the steps to set additional fees to a 3Node.

  • On the Dashboard, go to Farms -> Your Farms
  • Under the section Your Nodes, locate the 3Node and click Set Additional Fees under Actions
  • Set a monthly fee (in USD) and click Set

TFT Payments

When a user reserves your 3Node, you will receive TFT payments once every 24 hours. These TFT payments will be sent to the TFChain account of your farm's twin.

Dedicated Nodes Notice

Note that while any 3Node that has no workload can be reserved by a TF user as a dedicated node, when a farmer sets additional fees to a 3Node, this 3Node automatically becomes a dedicated node. For a user to run workloads on this 3Node, the 3Node must then be reserved, i.e rented as a dedicated node.

Last change: 2024-02-27