How It Works

Welcome to the ThreeFold ecosystem, your gateway to a global and sustainable network!

TFGrid in a Nutshell

The ThreeFold Grid is a remarkable network sustained by dedicated individuals, known as ThreeFold farmers, who offer network, storage and compute (CPU, GPU) resources to users via 3Nodes, specialized computers that run the innovative Zero-OS software.

Become a ThreeFold farmer

If it runs on Linux, it runs on the Grid!

The ThreeFold Grid supports any application that can run on Linux, guaranteeing compatibility and flexibility. Moreover, it offers additional benefits, including enhanced privacy, security, proximity to end-users, and a significantly lower cost compared to traditional alternatives.

Deploy on the TFGrid

Z-OS: A New Operating System

Z-OS (Zero Operating System) is a lightweight and secure operating system designed specifically for running workloads on the ThreeFold Grid. Z-OS provides a minimalistic and containerized environment for applications, enabling efficient resource allocation and management.

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Internet as a Resource

In a similar manner to purchasing electricity or other utilities, the internet capacity provided by the ThreeFold Grid is produced and allocated locally. This decentralized approach empowers digital service and application providers to host their offerings closer to end-users, resulting in exceptional performance, competitive pricing, and improved profit margins. The TFGrid is fueled by the ThreeFold Token.

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TFChain: The Backbone Blockchain Infrastructure

TFChain, also known as ThreeFold Chain, is the powerful blockchain that orchestrates the interactions within the ThreeFold Grid ecosystem. TFChain is like the control center of the ThreeFold Grid, providing users and farmers with a wide range of key functionalities.

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ThreeFold Dashboard

The ThreeFold Dashboard serves as an indispensable tool for farmers and users of the ThreeFold Grid, facilitating node registration, resource management, workload deployments and much more.

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Last change: 2024-03-28