Health Check

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Health check task executes some checks over ZOS components to determine if the node is in a usable state or not and set flags for the Power Daemon to stop uptime reports if the node is unusable.


  • Name: healthcheck
  • Schedule: Every 20 mins.


  • Check if the node cache disk is usable or not by trying to write some data to it. If it failed, it set the Readonly flag.

Result Sample

   "description": "health check task runs multiple checks to ensure the node is in a usable state and set flags for the power daemon to stop reporting uptime if it is not usable",
   "name": "healthcheck",
   "result": {
      "cache": [
         "failed to write to cache: open /var/cache/healthcheck: operation not permitted"
   "timestamp": 1701599580
Last change: 2024-02-27