ThreeFold Dashboard

Explore, control, and manage your ThreeFold Grid resources effortlessly through our integrated Dashboard. Deploy solutions seamlessly while gaining full control, all within a unified interface.

The ThreeFold Dashboard is a revolutionary platform that simplifies the deployment process, allowing users to effortlessly interact with the TFGrid using intuitive web components known as weblets.

What is the ThreeFold Dashboard?

The ThreeFold Dashboard is a dynamic environment designed for both seasoned developers and newcomers alike. It offers a seamless and accessible browser experience, making it easy to deploy solutions on the TFGrid through the use of weblets.

In the context of the Dashboard, a weblet is a compiled JavaScript web component that can be effortlessly embedded within the HTML page of a web application. This modular approach allows for flexible and intuitive interactions, facilitating a user-friendly deployment process.

The backend for the weblets is introduced with the Javascript Client which communicates to TFChain over RMB.

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  • It is a non-code easy way to deploy a whole solution on the TFGrid.
  • It is 100% decentralized, there is no server involved.
  • It is powerful tool designed to empower individuals and organizations with seamless control and management over their ThreeFold Grid resources.
  • It provides an intuitive web-based interface that allows users to effortlessly deploy, monitor, and scale their workloads on the decentralized and sustainable ThreeFold Grid infrastructure.


You can access the ThreeFold Dashboard on different TF Chain networks.


  • Regarding browser support, we're only supporting Google Chrome browser (and thus Brave browser) at the moment with more browsers to be supported soon.
  • Deploys one thing at a time.
  • Might take sometime to deploy a solution like Peertube, so you should wait a little bit until it's fully running.
Last change: 2024-03-05