The Farmerbot is a service that farmers can run in order to automatically manage the nodes in their farms. The behavior of the farmerbot is customizable through a YAML configuration file.

We present here a quick guide to accompany farmers in setting up the Farmerbot. This guide contains the essential information to deploy the Farmerbot on the TFGrid. The other section contains additional information and details on the working of the Farmerbot.

For more information on the Farmerbot, you can visit the Farmerbot repository on Github. You can also consult the Farmerbot FAQ if needed.

Table of Contents

Note: The Farmerbot is an optional feature developed by ThreeFold. Please use at your own risk. While ThreeFold will do its best to fix any issues with the Farmerbot and minting, if minting is affected by the use of the Farmerbot, ThreeFold cannot be held responsible.

Last change: 2024-02-27