Provision Module

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This module is autonomous module and is not reachable over zbus.


This module is responsible to provision/decommission workload on the node.

It accepts new deployment over rmb and tries to bring them to reality by running a series of provisioning workflows based on the workload type.

provisiond knows about all available daemons and it contacts them over zbus to ask for the needed services. The pull everything together and update the deployment with the workload state.

If node was restarted, provisiond tries to bring all active workloads back to original state.

Supported workload

0-OS currently support 8 type of workloads:

  • network
  • zmachine (virtual machine)
  • zmount (disk): usable only by a zmachine
  • public-ip (v4 and/or v6): usable only by a zmachine
  • zdb namespace
  • qsfs
  • zlogs
  • gateway