The Grid Explorer

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The Grid Explorer is a rest API used to index a various information from the TFChain.

Explorer Overview

  • Due to limitations on indexing information from the blockchain, Complex inter-tables queries and limitations can't be applied directly on the chain.
  • Here comes the TFGridDB, a shadow database contains all the data on the chain which is being updated each 2 hours.
  • Then the explorer can apply a raw SQL queries on the database with all limitations and filtration needed.
  • The used technology to extract the info from the blockchain is Subsquid check the repo.

Explorer Endpoints

HTTP VerbEndpointDescription
GET/contractsShow all contracts on the chain
GET/farmsShow all farms on the chain
GET/gatewaysShow all gateway nodes on the grid
GET/gateways/:node_idGet a single gateway node details
GET/gateways/:node_id/statusGet a single node status
GET/nodesShow all nodes on the grid
GET/nodes/:node_idGet a single node details
GET/nodes/:node_id/statusGet a single node status
GET/statsShow the grid statistics
GET/twinsShow all the twins on the chain
GET/nodes/:node_id/statisticsGet a single node ZOS statistics

For the available filters on each node. check /swagger/index.html endpoint on the running instance.

Last change: 2024-02-27