Installing Pulumi

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You can install Pulumi on Linux, MAC and Windows.

To install Pulumi, simply follow the steps provided in the Pulumi documentation. We cover the basic steps here for convenience.


  • Install on Linux
    • curl -fsSL | sh
  • Install on MAC
    • brew install pulumi/tap/pulumi
  • Install on Windows
    • choco install pulumi

For Linux, if you prefer checking the shell script before executing, please do so.

For Windows, note that there are other installation methods. Read the Pulumi documentation for more information.


To verify that Pulumi is properly installed on your machine, use the following command:

pulumi version

If you need more in-depth information, e.g. installing a specific version or migrating from an older version, please check the installation documentation.

Last change: 2024-02-27