Proof of Utilization

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The ThreeFold Grid employs a unique mechanism called Proof of Utilization to track and measure resource utilization within its decentralized network. We provide here an overview of this mechanism.


Proof of Utilization is a system that records resource usage on an hourly basis and serves as a transparent and reliable way to validate and verify the utilization of various components of the grid.

The Proof of Utilization concept encompasses the monitoring and tracking of three key types of resources within the ThreeFold Grid:Compute Resources (CU), Storage Resources (SU), and Network resources (NU). These resources are essential for supporting the diverse needs of users and applications on the grid.


Compute resources (CU) refer to the computational power and processing capabilities provided by the ThreeFold Grid. This includes the ability to run applications, execute tasks, and perform complex computations in a distributed and decentralized manner.

Storage resources (SU) encompass the capacity to store and manage data within the ThreeFold Grid. It enables users to securely store and retrieve their data, ensuring reliable and scalable data management solutions.

Network resources (NU) focus on the network connectivity and bandwidth available within the ThreeFold Grid. This includes the transmission of data, communication between nodes, and facilitating the seamless flow of information across the decentralized network.

In addition to the resources mentioned above, the Proof of Utilization system also tracks network utilization parameters such as IPv4 addresses, DNS services, and name-on-web gateways. These elements play a crucial role in enabling effective communication and accessibility within the ThreeFold Grid.

Last change: 2024-02-27