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Peertube aspires to be a decentralized and free/libre alternative to video broadcasting services.


  • Make sure you have a wallet
  • From the sidebar click on Applications
  • Click on Peertube


  • Enter an Application Name. It's used in generating a unique subdomain on one of the gateways on the network alongside your twin ID. the applied format <solution-code><twin-id><solution-name>.<gateway-subdomain> Ex.

  • Enter an email and password which will be used for the admin login.

  • Select a capacity package:

    • Small: { cpu: 1, memory: 2, diskSize: 15 }

    • Medium: { cpu: 2, memory: 4, diskSize: 100 }

    • Large: { cpu: 4, memory: 16, diskSize: 250 }

    • Or choose a Custom plan

    • Public IPv4 flag gives the virtual machine a Public IPv4

    • Public IPv6 flag gives the virtual machine a Public IPv6

    • Planetary Network to connect the Virtual Machine to Planetary network

    • Wiregaurd Access to add a wiregaurd acces to the Virtual Machine

  • Dedicated flag to retrieve only dedeicated nodes

  • Certified flag to retrieve only certified nodes

  • Choose the location of the node

    • Region
    • Country
    • Farm Name
  • Choose the node to deploy on

Or you can select a specific node with manual selection.

  • Custom Domain flag lets the user to use a custom domain
  • Choose a gateway node to deploy your Peertube instance on.

After that is done you can see a list of all of your deployed instances

Click on Visit to go to the homepage of your Peertube instance!

Please note it may take sometime to be ready


If you get a Bad Gateway while connecting to the website, you might simply need to wait for the deployment to complete.

Last change: 2024-05-27