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This section covers the essential information to deploy a node with a GPU. We also provide links to other parts of the manual covering GPU support.

To use a GPU on the TFGrid, users need to rent a dedicated node. Once they have rented a dedicated node equipped with a GPU, users can deploy workloads on their dedicated GPU node.

Filter and Reserve a GPU Node

You can filter and reserve a GPU node using the Dedicated Nodes section of the ThreeFold Dashboard.

Filter Nodes

  • Filter nodes using the vendor name
    • In Filters, select GPU's vendor name
    • A new window will appear below named GPU'S VENDOR NAME
      • Write the name of the vendor desired (e.g. nvidia, amd)


  • Filter nodes using the device name
    • In Filters, select GPU's device name
    • A new window will appear below named GPU'S DEVICE NAME
      • Write the name of the device desired (e.g. GT218)


Reserve a Node

When you have decided which node to reserve, click on Reserve under the column Actions. Once you've rented a dedicated node that has a GPU, you can deploy GPU workloads.


Deploy a VM with GPU

Now that you've reserverd a dedicated GPU node, it's time to deploy a VM to make use of the GPU! There are many ways to proceed. You can use the Dashboard, Go, Terraform, etc.

For example, deploying a VM with GPU on the Dashboard is easy. Simply set the GPU option and make sure to select your dedicated node, as show here: image

Install the GPU Driver

Once you've deployed a VM with GPU, you want to SSH into the VM and install the GPU driver.

  • SSH to the VM and get your system updated
dpkg --add-architecture i386
apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade
  • Find your Driver installer

  • You can see the node card details on the ThreeFold Dashboard or by using the following command lines:

lspci | grep VGA
lshw -c video

AMD Driver

  • Download the GPU driver using wget
    • For example: wget
  • Install the GPU driver using apt-get. Make sure to update <VERSION>.
apt-get install ./amdgpu-install_<VERSION>.deb
amdgpu-install --usecase="dkms,graphics,opencl,hip,rocm,rocmdev,opencl,hiplibsdk,mllib,mlsdk" --opencl=rocr --vulkan=pro --opengl=mesa
  • To verify that the GPU is properly installed, use the following command lines:
  • You should something like this: image image

Nvidia Driver

For Nvidia, you can follow those steps.

  • To verify that the GPU is properly installed, you can use nvidia-smi. You should something like this:


With an AI Model

You can also try this AI model to install your driver.


Here are some useful links to troubleshoot your GPU installation.

Note: It is recommended to use Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.18.13-051813-generic x86_64)

You can consult the GPU Table of Contents to see all available GPU support links on the ThreeFold Manual.

Last change: 2024-04-23