Installing Terraform

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There are many ways to install Terraform depending on your operating system. Terraform is available for Linux, MAC and Windows.

Install Terraform

You can get Terraform from the Terraform website download page. You can also install it using your system package manager. The Terraform installation manual contains the essential information for a proper installation.

We cover here the basic steps for Linux, MAC and Windows for convenience. Refer to the official Terraform documentation if needed.

Install Terraform on Linux

To install Terraform on Linux, we follow the official Terraform documentation.

Install Terraform on MAC

To install Terraform on MAC, install Brew and then install Terraform.

Install Terraform on Windows

To install Terraform on Windows, a quick way is to first install Chocolatey and then install Terraform.

ThreeFold Terraform Plugin

The ThreeFold Terraform plugin is supported on Linux, MAC and Windows.

There's no need to specifically install the ThreeFold Terraform plugin. Terraform will automatically load it from an online directory according to instruction within the deployment file.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions, let us know by writing a post on the Threefold Forum or by reaching out to the ThreeFold Grid Tester Community on Telegram.

Last change: 2024-02-27