ThreeFold Token

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Introduction to TFT

The ThreeFold Token (TFT) is a decentralized digital currency used to buy autonomous and decentralized Internet services (compute, storage, and application) on the ThreeFold Grid.

ThreeFold Tokens are generated through a process called “Farming”. Farming happens when active internet capacity is added to the ThreeFold Grid. Independent farmers earn ThreeFold Tokens (TFT) by providing neutral and decentralized internet capacity, thus expending the usable TF Grid. Therefore no central entity controls the internet.

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Chains with TFT

TFT lives on 4 different chains: TFChain, Stellar chain, Ethereum chain and Binance Smart Chain.

  • TFT are minted on the Stellar chain.
  • TFT are used to deploy workloads on TFChain.
  • TFT can be transacted on Ethereum chain, Binance Smart Chain and Stellar chain.

TFT Contract Addresses on Chains

The TFT contract address on different chains are the following:

Bridges Between Chains

Bridges are available to easily navigate between the chains.

Storing TFT

There are many ways to store TFT. The TF Connect app wallet and a hardwallet wallet are two of the many possibilities.

Easily Store TFT

Buy and Sell TFT

You can buy and sell TFT with cryptocurrencies on Stellar Chain, Ethereum Chain and BNB Smart Chain.

Using Lobstr is very effective to buy TFT with fiat or crypto in no time:

Get TFT: Quick Guide

Liquidity Provider (LP)

A liquidity provider (LP) is an individual or entity that contributes liquidity to a decentralized exchange or automated market maker (AMM) platform

Become a Liquidity Provider

Transaction Fees

Each time transactions are done on chains, transaction fees apply.

Learn about Transaction Fees

Deploy on the TFGrid with TFT

You can do almost anything on the TFGrid: as long as you're doing Linux stuff, ZOS got your back!

Get Started on the TFGrid


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Last change: 2024-03-12