Staking Discount Levels

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By staking TFT on their TFChain wallet, TFGrid users can benefit to discounts up to 60%.

Table of Discounts

typepricing levelnr months of TFT linked to account
no staking- 0%0
default- 20%3 months
bronze- 30%6 months
silver- 40%12 months
gold- 60%36 months

TFChain charges the user for proof_of_utilization every hour. TFChain will calculate the discount based on amount of TFT available in the account of the user on TFChain (not on Stellar or any of the other blockchains we also support). This is an automatic form of staking, the user does not have to do anything to have this benefit. For network related services its max 40% discount.

Example for 40% discount

  • I've used 10 TFT worth of Internet Capacity on tf_grid for the last hour.
  • 10TFT * 24 * 30 * 12 = I would need 86,400 TFT for one year
  • 10TFT * 24 * 30 * 36 = I would need 259,200 TFT for 3 year
  • I have 120,000 TFT in my account on TF_Chain, this means that I will get 40% discount.
  • I don't have enough tokens to get to 60% discount.
Last change: 2024-02-27