Issue Labels Usage Guidelines

Kindly refrain from using labels other than the specified ones.

Priority-based Labels

  • priority_critical: This label indicates that the issue requires immediate attention, with a maximum resolution timeframe of the same day.

    • If the assigned developer deems this timeline unachievable, they must escalate the issue immediately.
    • The term "critical" implies that the resolution is of utmost urgency, and everyone involved should prioritize it until it is resolved.
  • priority_major: This label designates issues that are very urgent and should be addressed within a minimal timeframe, typically within 1-2 days but no more than 3 days.

    • If the developer anticipates challenges in meeting this timeframe, they are required to escalate the issue promptly.
  • priority_minor: Issues labeled as such are given a lower priority and are typically positioned towards the end of the sprint cycle.

Types Labels

  • type_bug
  • type_feature
  • type_question
  • type_story: This label is used to distinguish story cards, providing an overview of a use case the team aims to achieve.

For monorepos

Repository owners are free to create labels per component in the monorepo for easier repo management

Last change: 2024-02-27