Gateway FQDN

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We explain how to use gateway fully qualified domain names on the TFGrid using tfcmd.


tfcmd deploy gateway fqdn [flags]

Required Flags

  • name: name for the gateway deployment also used for canceling the deployment. must be unique.
  • node: node id to deploy gateway on.
  • backends: list of backends the gateway will forward requests to.
  • fqdn: FQDN pointing to the specified node.

Optional Flags

-tls: add TLS passthrough option (default false).


$ tfcmd deploy gateway fqdn -n gatewaytest --node 14 --backends --fqdn
3:34PM INF deploying gateway fqdn
3:34PM INF gateway fqdn deployed


tfcmd get gateway fqdn <gateway>

gateway is the name used when deploying gateway-fqdn using tfcmd.


$ tfcmd get gateway fqdn gatewaytest
2:05PM INF gateway fqdn:
        "NodeID": 14,
        "Backends": [
        "FQDN": "",
        "Name": "gatewaytest",
        "TLSPassthrough": false,
        "Description": "",
        "NodeDeploymentID": {
                "14": 19653
        "SolutionType": "gatewaytest",
        "ContractID": 19653


tfcmd cancel <deployment-name>

deployment-name is the name of the deployment specified in while deploying using tfcmd.


$ tfcmd cancel gatewaytest
3:37PM INF canceling contracts for project gatewaytest
3:37PM INF gatewaytest canceled
Last change: 2024-02-27