Contributions Guide

Table of Contents


We propose a quick guide to learn how to contribute.

Project structure

The main structure of the code base is as follows:

  • charts: helm chart
  • cmds: includes the project Golang entrypoints
  • docs: project documentation
  • internal: contains the explorer API logic and the cert manager implementation, this where most of the feature work will be done
  • pkg: contains client implementation and shared libs
  • tests: integration tests
  • tools: DB tools to prepare the Postgres DB for testing and development
  • rootfs: ZOS root endpoint that will be mounted in the docker image


  • explorer: contains the explorer server logic:
    • db: the db connection and operations
    • mw: defines the generic action mount that will be be used as http handler
  • certmanager: logic to ensure certificates are available and up to date

server.go includes the logic for all the API operations.


  • client: client implementation
  • types: defines all the API objects

Writing tests

Adding a new endpoint should be accompanied with a corresponding test. Ideally every change or bug fix should include a test to ensure the new behavior/fix is working as intended.

Since these are integration tests, you need to first make sure that your local db is already seeded with the ncessary data. See tools doc for more information about how to prepare your db.

Testing tools offer two clients that are the basic of most tests:

  • local: this client connects to the local db
  • proxy client: this client connects to the running local instance

You need to start an instance of the server before running the tests. Check here for how to start.

Last change: 2024-02-27