Cancel Contracts

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We present different methods to delete contracts on the TFGrid.

Using the Dashboard

To cancel contracts with the Dashboard, consult the Contracts List documentation.

Using GraphQL and Polkadot UI

From the QraphQL service execute the following query.

query MyQuery {

  nodeContracts(where: {twinId_eq: TWIN_ID, state_eq: Created}) {

replace TWIN_ID with your twin id. The information should be available on the Dashboard.

Then from polkadot UI, add the tfchain endpoint to development.

Go to Extrinsics, choose the smartContract module and cancelContract extrinsic and use the IDs from GraphQL to execute the cancelation.

Using grid3_client_ts

In order to use the grid3_client_ts module, it is essential to first clone our official mono-repo containing the module and then navigate to it. If you are looking for a quick and efficient way to cancel contracts, we offer a code-based solution that can be found here.

To make the most of grid_client, we highly recommend following our Grid-Client guide for a comprehensive overview of the many advanced capabilities offered by this powerful tool. With features like contract creation, modification, and retrieval, grid_client provides an intuitive and easy-to-use solution for managing your contracts effectively.

Last change: 2024-02-27