Calculate the ROI of a DIY 3Node

To calculate the ROI of a DIY 3Node, we first calculate the Revenue per Month:

Revenue per month = TFT price when sold * TFT farmed per month

The ROI of a DIY 3Node is:

Cost of 3Node / Revenue per month = ROI in months

For example, a Rack Server farming 3000 TFT per month with an initial cost of 1500$USD has the following ROI:

1500 / (3000 * 0.08) = 6.25 month ROI

This calculation is based on a TFT value of 8 cents. You should adjust this according to the current market price.

Note that this ROI equation is used to compare efficienty between different DIY 3Nodes. It does not constitute real final gains as additional costs must be taken into consideration, such as electricity for the 3Nodes, for the AC system, as well as Internet bandwidth. All those notions are covered in this part of the book.

Last change: 2024-02-27