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You can store TFT on a hardwallet for optimal security.

Also, if you are a farmer, instead of using the ThreeFold Connect app to receive your farming rewards (TFTs), you can also have your farming rewards sent to a hardware wallet. In this case, you will need to enable a TFT trustline to receive TFT.

You can store TFT on a hardware wallet on Stellar chain, BSC or the Ethereum chain. For this guide, we show how to store TFT on a hardware wallet on Stellar chain.

To store TFT on Stellar, you can use any hardware wallet that supports the Stellar Blockchain, such as a Ledger.

Setting up a TFT Trustline on Stellar Blockchain

Setting up a trustline is simple.

We will show an example with a Ledger hardware wallet. The process is similar with other hardware wallets. Just make sure that your hardware wallet is compatible with the Stellar blockchain, as the TFT from farming rewards will be sent on the Stellar Blockchain.

  • First, download Ledger Live and download the Stellar application in Manager.

  • Go on an official Stellar website such as Stellarterm or StellarX. For this example, we will be using Stellarterm.com.

  • Unlock your Ledger by entering your password.

  • Select the Stellar App.

    • In our case, we do not need to create an account on Stellerterm, since we are using a hardware wallet.
  • On Stellarterm.com, click on the button LOGIN.


  • At the bottom of the page, select the option Ledger or another option if you are using a different hardware wallet.


  • Click Connect with Ledger.


  • Read and accept the Terms of Use.


  • On the main page, click on Assets.


  • Scroll down and write Threefold.io in the Text box. Select TFT Threefold.io. Click Accept. Then follow the steps presented on your hardware wallet to confirm the trust line.

farming_wallet_12 farming_wallet_13


You now have a TFT trust line on the Stellar Blockchain. You can now receive TFT on this wallet. This is a perfect setup to farm TFT safely.

When it comes to choosing where to send your farming rewards, you simply need to enter the address associated with your hardware wallet.


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Last change: 2024-02-27