Transfer TFT Between Networks by Using the Keygenerator

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Using this method, only transfer is possible between accounts that are generated in the same manner and that are yours. Please find the keygen tooling for it below.



  • ed25519 keypair
  • Go installed on your local computer

Create a keypair with the following tool:

go build .

Stellar to TFChain

Create a Stellar wallet from the key that you generated. Transfer the TFT from your wallet to the bridge address. A deposit fee of 1 TFT will be taken, so make sure you send a larger amount as 1 TFT.

Bridge addresses :


The amount deposited on TF Chain minus 1 TFT will be transferred over the bridge to the TFChain account.

Effect will be the following :

  • Transferred TFTs from Stellar will be sent to a Stellar vault account representing all tokens on TFChain
  • TFTs will be minted on the TFChain for the transferred amount

Alternative Transfer to TF Chain

We also enabled deposits to TF Grid objects. Following objects can be deposited to:

  • Twin
  • Farm
  • Node
  • Entity

To deposit to any of these objects, a memo text in format object_objectID must be passed on the deposit to the bridge wallet. Example: twin_1.

To deposit to a TF Grid object, this object must exists. If the object is not found on chain, a refund is issued.

TFChain to Stellar

Create a TFChain account from the key that you generated. (TF Chain raw seed). Browse to :

-> Add Account -> Click on mnemonic and select Raw Seed -> Paste raw TF Chain seed.

Select Advanced creation options -> Change keypair crypto type to Edwards (ed25519). Click I have saved my mnemonic seed safely and proceed.

Choose a name and password and proceed.

Browse to the extrinsics , select tftBridgeModule and extrinsic: swap_to_stellar. Provide your Bridge substrate address and the amount to transfer. Sign using your password. Again, a withdrawfee of 1 TFT will be taken, so make sure you send an amount larger than 1 TFT.

The amount withdrawn from TFChain will be sent to your Stellar wallet.

Behind the scenes, following will happen:

  • Transferred TFTs from Stellar will be sent from the Stellar vault account to the user's Stellar account
  • TFTs will be burned on the TFChain for the transferred amount

Example: swap_to_stellar

Last change: 2024-02-27