Running Proxy in Production

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We show how to run grid proxy in production.

Production Run

  • Download the latest binary here

  • add the execution permission to the binary and move it to the bin directory

    chmod +x ./gridproxy-server
    mv ./gridproxy-server /usr/local/bin/gridproxy-server
  • Add a new systemd service

cat << EOF > /etc/systemd/system/gridproxy-server.service
Description=grid proxy server

ExecStart=gridproxy-server --domain --email -ca --postgres-host --postgres-db db --postgres-password password --postgres-user postgres --mnemonics <insert user mnemonics>

  • enable the service

     systemctl enable gridproxy.service
  • start the service

    systemctl start gridproxy.service
  • check the status

    systemctl status gridproxy.service
  • The command options:

    • domain: the host domain which will generate ssl certificate to.
    • email: the mail used to run generate the ssl certificate.
    • ca: certificate authority server url, e.g.
      • let's encrypt staging:
      • let's encrypt production:
    • postgres -*: postgres connection info.

To upgrade the machine

  • just replace the binary with the new one and apply
systemctl restart gridproxy-server.service
  • it you have changes in the /etc/systemd/system/gridproxy-server.service you have to run this command first
systemctl daemon-reload


To build & run dockerfile

docker build -t threefoldtech/gridproxy .
docker run --name gridproxy -e POSTGRES_HOST="" -e POSTGRES_PORT="5432" -e POSTGRES_DB="db" -e POSTGRES_USER="postgres" -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD="password" -e MNEMONICS="<insert user mnemonics>" threefoldtech/gridproxy

Update helm package

  • Do helm lint charts/gridproxy
  • Regenerate the packages helm package -u charts/gridproxy
  • Regenerate index.yaml helm repo index --url .
  • Push your changes

Install the chart using helm package

  • Adding the repo to your helm

    helm repo add gridproxy
  • install a chart

    helm install gridproxy/gridproxy
Last change: 2024-02-27