Farming Reward

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Note: Farming rewards will be updated for the next 3.14 grid release. Stay tuned.


The amount of TFT earned by farmers is relative to the amount of compute, storage or network capacity they provide to the ThreeFold Grid as recorded by the proof-of-capacity algorythm. This section covers some farming and token reward basics.

How do farmers earn TFT?

ThreeFold Blockchain (TFChain) rewards farmers for providing Internet capacity and expanding the ThreeFold Grid. They earn TFT. When successfully verified by proof-of-capacity, farmers earn TFT according to the amount of Internet capacity registered in TFChain.


The Proof-of-Capacity records Internet resources from the 3Node:

The ThreeFold Blockchain (TFChain) uses work algorythm called "Proof-of-Capacity" to verify the Internet capacity provided by 3Nodes. Put simply, PoC verifies, on an ongoing basis, that farms are honestly representing the Internet capacity they provide to the network.

See Proof-of-Capacity in action by visiting the ThreeFold Grid Node Finder which represents the best resource to view POC-related data.

What is proof-of-capacity?

POC allows ThreeFold Farmers to earn reward according to their contribution. Farming is the "work" itself, the act of providing Internet capacity to the network and making it accessible via our TFDAO and TFChain.

The PoC algorythm records four different types of Internet capacity:

  • Compute Capacity (CPU)
  • Memory Capacity (RAM)
  • Storage Capacity (SSD/HDD)
  • Network Capacity (Bandwidth, IP Addresses)

Why proof-of-capacity?

PoC comes with a number of benefits, including:

  • Energy efficiency: earning reward in form of TFT does not waste energy, farming TFT is a carbon_negative operation.
  • Lower barriers to entry with reduced hardware requirements: no need for elite hardware to stand a chance for earning rewards.
  • Decentralized: allows anyone to connect a 3node to the network. TFGrid runs as a DAO.

The main advantage of PoC to farmers it makes it really easy to run a 3Node. It doesn't require huge investments in hardware or energy and everyone earns a fair reward for their contribution. It is more decentralized, allowing for increased participation, and more 3Nodes doesn't mean increased returns, like in mining.

How does Proof-of-Capacity work?

  1. A farmer boots hardware with Zero-OS (multiple boot methods available)
  2. Zero-OS is a low level OS, with no shell, farmers cannot access Zero-OS
  3. Zero-OS reports used IT capacity towards TFChain
  4. TFChain and TFDAO will calculate rewards as required for the farmer (TFGrid 3.1.x)
  5. TFChain will mint the required TFT and send them to account on TFChain of TFFarmer.
  6. Everyone can use the ThreeFold Node Finder to see where capacity is available. This info comes from the TFChain.

DISCLAIMER: ThreeFold Foundation organizes this process. This process is the result of the execution of code written by open source developers (Zero-OS and minting code) and a group of people who checks this process voluntarily. No claims can be made or damages asked for to any person or group related to ThreeFold Foundation like, but not limited to, the different councils. This process changes for TFGrid 3.X once the TFDAO is fully active.

Important note: The ThreeFold Token (TFT) is not an investment instrument. TFTs are used to buy and sell IT capacity on the ThreeFold Grid. More info: see Proof of Capacity DAO rules

Last change: 2024-03-21