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Mycelium is an end-2-end encrypted IPv6 overlay network written in Rust where each node that joins the overlay network will receive an overlay network IP in the 400::/7 range.

The overlay network uses some of the core principles of the Babel routing protocol.


  • Mycelium, is locality aware, it will look for the shortest path between nodes
  • All traffic between the nodes is end-2-end encrypted
  • Traffic can be routed over nodes of friends, location aware
  • If a physical link goes down Mycelium will automatically reroute your traffic
  • The IP address is IPV6 and linked to private key
  • A simple reliable messagebus is implemented on top of Mycelium
  • Mycelium has multiple ways how to communicate quic, tcp, ... and we are working on holepunching for Quick which means P2P traffic without middlemen for NATted networks e.g. most homes
  • Scalability is very important for us, we tried many overlay networks before and got stuck on all of them, we are trying to design a network which scales to a planetary level
  • You can run mycelium without TUN and only use it as reliable message bus.


We are looking for lots of testers to push the system. Visit the Mycelium repository to contribute.

Last change: 2024-02-27