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TFChain is a blockchain based on Parity Substrate which manages the TFGrid 3.x.

TFChain is a combination of TFChain nodes.

TFChain Uses

This blockchain is used for:

  • storing information as needed on the ThreeFold Grid
    • identity information of entities (person and company)
    • 3node phone book, where are the 3nodes, how much capacity, which farmer
    • TF Farmer's, where are they based, how long active, reputation
    • DigitalTwin Phonebook, registry of all digital_twins, where are they, public key, unique id, ... (*1)
    • Reputation information : how good is a farmer, uptime of a 3Node (*2)
    • Account_Metadata which is information about a digital currency wallet/account needed for vesting, locking, ...
  • backend for Consensus_Engine.
  • smartcontract_it layer (how to provision workloads on top of TFGrid)
  • the backend for TFChainDB
Last change: 2024-02-27