ThreeFold Grid v3.8.0 Release Note

Release Note of ThreeFold Grid v3.8.0. Live on Testnet 02/02/2023

This release note includes updates, improvements and fixes of numerous grid components as described below:

The Components

  • TFChain v2.2.0
  • ZOS v3.4.0
  • TF Weblets v1.6.0
  • TF Dashboard v1.3.0
  • TFGrid Client v1.5.0
  • TFGrid Proxy v1.6.5
  • Terraform v1.6.0

Upgrades and Improvements

TFChain v2.2.0

  • Added Third Party Billing Services, allowing defining contracts between TFChain users for a service and the billing.
  • Reworked billing flow, see details here.
  • Infrastructure wise, we have integrated Firesquid, which is showing promising improvements in regards of the storage and data syncing.
  • Added Bugfixes around data validations and improving migrations

ZOS v3.4.0

This release was mainly focused on the stabilization of ZOS, Monitoring Support, upgrading components and fixing bugs as described below:

  • Vector and Node-exporter support for monitoring
  • Bugfixes / hardening around uptime reports, capacity reports and QSFS workloads cleanup
  • Added fixes for Grace Period regression
  • Added fixes for ZOS Nodes Recovery after Network Outages
  • Uptime reports rework: allowing it to happen every 40 minutes, instead of evey 2 hours
  • Added Grace Period Workload Regression fixes

3.4 milestone for more details

TF Weblets v1.6.0

For more detailed information on this component release, please see TF Weblets v1.6.0 Milestone

TF Dashboard v1.3.0

  • Fixed broken 'Filter by Farm ID'
  • Added fixes on HRU Filter
  • Added Validation function on recipient's TFT address
  • Added updates to sidebar icons
  • Improved new farm addition function
  • Added node filters validations fix
  • Support filtering nodes by farm name
  • Added Monitoring dashboard

For more detailed information on this component release, please see TF Dashboard v1.3.0 Milestone

TFGrid Client 1.5.0

  • Added ZLogs workload support
  • Added documentation updates

Terraform 1.6.0

  • Capacity planning upgrade
  • Added Kubernetes token validation function

TFGrid Proxy v1.6.5

  • Added fixes on dedicated nodes reservation
  • Added fixes on TCP connection leaks
  • Added Swagger Docs fixes
  • Added Updates to stats endpoint
  • Added new queries for total resources
  • Added more parameters to /nodes enpoint for filter by twin_id and node_id

For more detailed information on this component release, please see TFGrid Proxy v1.6.5 Milestone

Last change: 2024-02-27