ThreeFold Grid v3.6 Release Note

Release Note of ThreeFold Grid v3.6. It includes updates, improvements and fixes of numerous grid components as described below.

TFPlayground v1.4.3

  • Updated Farming Calculator
  • Better node-filtering mechanism by adding 'capacity' filter
  • Simplified K8s solution deployment by eliminating 'add ssh key' part
  • Improved UX for manual solution deployment on dedicated nodes
  • Fixed solution's post-deployment bad gateway issue.
  • Validation enhancements

Uhuru v1.2 (beta)

  • Tackled the UI/UX issues and bugs.
  • Added many features except for main missing things such as 'logout' option.

ThreeFold Wallet v3.1.0

  • Enable token unlocking feature
  • Allow users to unlock their locked tokens via TFwallet.
  • Improvements and fixes included, including usability supports for iOS devices that will be greatly improved.

TFConnect App v3.6.0

  • Better usability and user experience through the app workflow improvements as well as
  • Improved design and interface, look and feel.

TF Planetary Network v0.3.0

TF Planetary Network is an application that allows users to access Peer To Peer end2end encrypted global network which lives on top of the existing internet or other Peer To Peer networks created. This release's improvements:

  • New P2P functionalities on Desktop Client
  • Improved the desktop clients for planetary network by adding support for M1 version of Mac.
  • Allowed the application to refresh the list of ‘peers’, allowing extra ‘peers’ to be added by TF org
  • Debugged multiple account issues on Mac.

TFTShop (GetTFT) v1.1.1

  • Better usability and user experience through the app workflow improvements
  • Improved design and interface, look and feel, such as Improvement on TFT purchase flows on all BTC-TFT, and FIAT-TFT transactions

TFGrid Proxy v1.5.0

TFGrid Proxy is a REST API-based server used to interact with TFGridDB (Database) in order to access all available node-related information. This release's improvements:

  • Added querying for dedicated nodes support in gridproxy API.
  • Added support for twins and contracts.
  • Added filter for dedicated nodes
  • Added missing queries on farms
  • Added country API for node distribution

ZOS v3.1.0

  • Support pausing workloads to allow grace period before canceling contract.
  • Enabled log streaming from VMs/Containers to a remote logs aggregation server.

TFNode-Pilot v0.1.0

Pocket Network is a blockchain data platform built for applications that use cost-efficient economics to coordinate and distribute data at scale, enabling seamless interactions between blockchains and applications. This release's content:

  • Reverse-engineered the Pokt node pilot into Node Pilot Light.
  • Deployed first version of PoktNetwork with TF Terraform Grid Provider.

TFChain v1.12

  • DAO support
  • Dedicated nodes support
  • General stability improvement
  • Reworked farming policies
  • Introduction of contract grace periods
  • Farm certificaation through DAO
  • New bridge code
Last change: 2024-02-27