ThreeFold Grid v3.7.0 Release Note

Release Note of ThreeFold Grid v3.7.0. It includes updates, improvements and fixes of numerous grid components as described below.

Component Upgrades

ThreeFold Wallet v3.7.0

  • Include the option to show transaction details (Sender, Receiver, Memo, Blockchain hash, Amount, Asset, Date
  • Added Farmer types details
  • GraphQL types fix
  • Enabled wallet deletion
  • Wallet Cache fixes
  • Bugs fixes and generic improvements

ThreeFold Connect v3.7.0

  • Improved loading of webpages
  • Released the IOS version of planetary network
  • Improved login flow (backend)
  • Removed the concept of .3bot from the app registration and other display
  • Re-enable TFChain bridge after twin changed
  • Backend: Upgraded from Vue v2 to Vue v3
  • Backend: Full kubernetes test deploy stack.
  • Frontend: Add typescript, tailwind. Removed the use of vuetify
  • Generic Bug fixes

ThreeFold Grid Proxy Client v1.5.9

  • Initial Grid Proxy Client implementation
  • Includes the gridproxy API client along with API-specific information
  • Includes classes that represent entities in the context of the API in the sub-module model (for making conversions between JSON objects and V objects).
  • Added CI pipeline to run tests

ThreeFold Chain v2.1.0

  • Improved Validation for Public Config (Node) by Implementing a maximum size on all types that are filled in by the user or ZOS tfchain
  • Improved Validation for Interfaces (Node) by Implementing a maximum size on all types that are filled in by the user or ZOS tfchain
  • Improved Validationfor Public IPs (Farm)
  • Improved Validation for Twin IPs
  • Reworked public IPs on Contract, they are now shown as a list with the actual public IP object
  • Executed billing in a transactional operation tfchain
  • Added Restriction of deployment hash length (32 bytes)

Planetary Network v.3.7.0

  • Added support for M1 Mac.
  • Refresh list of peers.
  • Allow extra peers to be added by TF org.
  • Fix UI crashing/lags
  • Build for Ubuntu, Windows, Build for Mac

Freeflow Twin Beta 1.5

  • Major Rebranding from Uhuru to Freeflow Twin
  • Generic Bug fixes
  • Enabled tagging people in chats
  • Improved dev setup
  • Improved staging+production link setup.
  • Self-deploy improvements.
  • PWA support
  • Add info labels
  • HTML encoding of messages
  • Overflow handling
  • Remember login session
  • Chat: Added File upload progress view
  • Chat: Added Link preview
  • Chat: Adding more search options

TFGrid Dashboard v1.1.4

  • UX/UI : Updated Color Palette
  • Updated Font styles
  • Updated sidebar menu UX to include TF Portal, TF Explorer
  • Enabled day/night mode
  • TFGrid Explorer: Added Nodes page, Statistic Page, and Farms page ON TFGrid Explorer
  • TFGrid Explorer: Added category of listed nodes as (dedicated, rented, and arentable)
  • TFGrid Stats: Updated Minting Details on TF Dashboard
  • TFGrid Stats: show receipts of previous nodes
  • TFGrid Stats: Added Calendar UI
  • Clickable Live Support Chat Popup

TF Playground v1.4.4

  • UX/UI : Updated Color Palette
  • Updated Fonts.
  • New Deployment/Solutions Icons in the sidebar.
  • New Actions Icons in the deployment list.
  • Added Solution Categories
  • Enabled custom ‘Presearch instance’ deployment
  • New Capacity Filter
  • Add IPv4 Planetary Network Filter for specific instance deployments
  • Newly improved Capacity Management for solution deployment: enabling the setting of a full VM as the default Virtual Machine for deployment,
  • Easily fund a deployment profile / ID by scanning your ID wallet QR Code
  • Profile Manager: Avoid losing deployment with Grace Period Listing
  • provide a simple list where you can select one of the online Grid gateways
  • Profile Management: Add ‘Confirmation’ popup before deleting a deployment profile
  • Added an Identifier for the current network in the sidebar (main/test/devnet)
  • TF Playground Wallet: show unlocked/locked tokens in balance
  • Profile Management: allow a user to create a profile with no SSH key.
  • TFGrid Client TS supports Algorand, Stellar, and TFChain Modules.
  • NEW Node Pilot Instance Deployment
  • NEW Subsquid Solution
Last change: 2024-02-27