ThreeFold Manual

Welcome to the ThreeFold Manual!

This manual is organized in two main sections:

The ThreeFold Knowledge Base section contains all information needed to understand how the whole ThreeFold ecosystem works.

The ThreeFold Documentation section contains all the practical information of the ThreeFold Grid, from general information covering the multi-functional ThreeFold Dashboard, the versatile ThreeFold Connect app, TFT and our community-based FAQ, to specific tutorials for developers, farmers and system administrators.

Explore the TFGrid status page for live updates on Threefold services!

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Get Started

It's easy to get started on the TFGrid.

If you want to farm TFT, check out how to build a 3Node.

If you want to deploy or develop on the grid, you will first need to get TFT on TFChain:

To develop on the Grid, read the developers documentation.

To deploy applications, read the deploy section then access the deployment via SSH.

Join the ThreeFold Community

The ThreeFold community is very active and its members will be more than happy to discuss and help you get started.

Questions and Feedback

To explore this manual, you can use the search function by hitting 's' on your keyboard, or by clicking on the magnifier button at the top left of each page. Answers to your questions might also be on the ThreeFold Forum.

If you can't find the answer to your question, our dedicated ThreeFold Support team is here to help.

Welcome to the ThreeFold Grid, where together we can shape a more sustainable, self-sovereign and autonomous digital future!

Last change: 2024-05-28