Farming Upgrade from V2 to V3

Table of Contents


Starting sept 2021 our TFGrid 3.0 should be available which is a major upgrade see

How to Switch

Any farmer who is interested to switch over to this new release will have to do the following:

  • Register as a farmer on TFGrid 3.0 (everything is on a blockchain)
  • Electronically sign the terms and conditions of TFGrid 3.0
  • Download new boot loader (USB stick or PXE process) and reboot your 3Node(s)

All of above instructions are available here.

Help us to Test the TFGrid 3.0 on Devnet and Testnet

Please boot your node for devnet or testnet, your farming reward will be the same as for TFGrid 2.0.

This allows the community to already use your 3Node on the TFGrid 3.0 and you still receive all your farming rewards as for v 2.0.