Get TFT on MetaMask

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The ThreeFold Token (TFT) is available on Ethereum. It is implemented as a wrapped asset with the following token address:


We present here the basic steps to add TFT to Metamask. We also show how to buy TFT Metamask. Finally, we present the simple steps to use the TFT Ethereum Bridge.

Add TFT to Metamask

Open Metamask and import the ThreeFold Token. First click on import tokens:


Then, choose Custom Token:


To add the ThreeFold Token, paste its Ethereum address in the field Token contract address field. The address is the following:


Once you paste the TFT contract address, the parameter Token symbol should automatically be filled with TFT.

Click on the button Add Custom Token.


To confirm, click on the button Import tokens:


TFT is now added to Metamask.

Buy TFT on Metamask

Liquidity is present on Ethereum so you can use the "Swap" functionality from Metamask directly or go to Uniswap to swap Ethereum, or any other token, to TFT.

When using Uniswap, paste the TFT token address in the field Select a token to select TFT on Ethereum. The TFT token address is the following:



Questions and Feedback

If you have any question, feel free to write a post on the Threefold Forum.