Get TFT Stellar via BetterToken

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Alternatively, you can get TFT from Mazraa BetterToken farmers.

BetterToken is the first-ever ThreeFold Farming Cooperative in Europe that aims to make it easy for individuals to engage and become part of the ThreeFold Movement. Their primary goal is to enable anyone to become a farmer in simple ways and assist customers in getting started with their services and applications on the ThreeFold Grid.

As a ThreeFold Farming Cooperative, BetterToken is dedicated to promoting participation in the ThreeFold ecosystem. They provide support and resources for individuals who want to join the farming community and contribute to the decentralized and sustainable ThreeFold Grid.

Get Started

If you are interested in purchasing TFT as a future capacity reservation through, you can do so using a wire transfer. It's important to note that BetterToken handles orders of $1000 or more. To explore purchase possibilities, you can contact BetterToken directly at

By reaching out to them, you can inquire about the process, requirements, and any additional details related to purchasing TFT as a future capacity reservation. BetterToken will be able to provide you with the necessary information and assist you throughout the purchase process.

Remember to provide them with your specific requirements and any relevant details to ensure a smooth transaction.

Important Notice

Remember to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of any communication or transaction related to purchasing TFT. Scammers may try to impersonate BetterToken or ThreeFold representatives, so it's crucial to ensure you are dealing with the official channels and contacts provided by BetterToken.


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