The client is written using typescript to provide more convinient, type-checked code and it is used to deploy workloads like Virtual machines, kubernetes clusters, quantum storage, .. etc


  • node 16.13.1 or higher
  • npm 8.2.0 or higher

nvm is the recommended way for installing node.


External package

yarn add @threefold/grid_client

Local usage

  • Clone the repository
git clone
  • Install it
npm install


yarn install

From now on in the document we will assume you already have

  • account
  • twin
  • mnemonics

If you don't, please visit the Get started section

We provided set of scripts to play around with in the repository in the scripts directory.

How to run the scripts

  • Set your grid3 client configuration in scripts/client_loader.ts or easily use one of config.json
  • update your customized deployments specs
  • Run using ts-node
npx ts-node --project tsconfig-node.json scripts/zdb.ts


yarn run ts-node --project tsconfig-node.json scripts/zdb.ts

Reference API

Still in progress, but you can check always here