Farming Optimization

The last section covered the notions necessary to build a DIY 3Node server. The following section will give you additional information with the goal of optimizing your farm while also being able to plan ahead the costs in terms of energy and capitals. We note that the ThreeFold token entry priced is locked for 5 years when you connect a 3Node to the ThreeFold Grid v3. This means that you will farm a constant number of TFT per month, and this, for a duration of 60 months. This fact is very important as it gives you the basis for economic planning.

As an economic comparative tool, many farmers will check the TFT per month for each dollar invested. This constitutes a good way to see if a 3Node build is economically sound. It's then easy to compare between two different 3Nodes configurations.

You are warned, you Farmer of the New Internet, that once you start to walk on the ThreeFold journey, it becomes harder and harder to resist the temptation of building another 3Node, and then another, and another...

On a more serious note, remember that the CPU of your 3Node should have 1000 passmark per core. This ensures a minimum of quality for the whole TF Grid. Also, it is important to have a sufficient bandwidth in terms of Internet Service Provider (ISP) to ensure a great user experience when your 3Nodes will be in utilization.

The CPU passmark threshold is not yet implemented, but it constitutes a good way to make sure the hardware you bring to the ThreeFold Grid will contribute healthily to the New Internet.

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