Set Up a ThreeFold Farm in a Data Center

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In this section of the ThreeFold Farmers book, we discuss some details concerning the setting up of a ThreeFold farm in a data center.

Set Up a ThreeFold Farm in a Data Center

Setting up a ThreeFold farm in a data center has a lot in common with setting up a farm at home. But some details should be taken into account.

For farmers who want to set up a ThreeFold farm in a data center, the Gold Farming Certification can be very interesting. Indeed, Gold Farming Certification comes with 50% more farming reward and a better storage unit calculation price.

Following the requirements for Gold Farming Certification will ensure an efficient ThreeFold farm in a data center environment.

Gold Farming Qualification Requirements

  • Hardware purchased from a recognized vendor
  • Minimum 5 IPv4 addresses per server
  • Two power supplies or PDU with 2 power feeds which automatically fails over
  • Two routers per rack (connections to internet)
  • At least Two Internet Service Provider connections
  • Tier 3 or 4 data center certified to ISO 27001
  • Uptime 99.8%
  • Network connection at least 1GBit/sec per TBD nr of CU/SU
  • Geographic decentralization - no more than one full data center rack per TBD Region size unless and until utilization in that rack is > 50%.
  • The 3Nodes need to be certified (can be done by TFTech or other actors on blockchain)

Note: This certification is not yet implemented and changes may apply. Look for upcoming information in the ThreeFold Forum and on

Data Center Cable Management

It's important to have a good cable management, specially if you are in a data center. Proper cable management will improve the cooling streams of your farm. There shouldn't be any cable in front of the fans. This way, your servers will last longer. If you want to patch a rack, you have to have all lenght of patch cables from 30cm to 3m. Also, try to keep the cables as short as possible. Arrange the cables in bundles of eight and lead them to the sides of the rack as much as possible for optimal airflow.